ESA Safaris is one of the few Safari companies offering hunts in all the major areas of Southern Africa, viz. South Africa; Zimbabwe; Namibia & Mozambique. We are ideally situated to organize a package to suit your own specific needs.


Our mission at ESA Safaris is set on giving you, our client, our personal attention, providing you with quality game and an experience of a lifetime, be it in the bushveld of the Limpopo, the rolling plains of the Free State, the lush forests of Natal or the arid sands

of the Kalahari.




A deposit of 50% of the daily rate is required to confirm safari dates for you and your family. If dates are reserved and a deposit is paid, your deposit is non-refundable if the safari is cancelled less than 6 months before the safari date. The deposit may be transferred to another date in the same hunting year but not to a date in following years. If you cancel more than 6 months in advance, your deposit will be refunded minus a 20% administrative fee.


Trophy fees are charged on all animals taken or wounded. Wounded means if any evidence of blood, bone or hair is found or a professional hunter sees evidence of a bullet or arrow hitting an animal anywhere. The professional hunter's word is final in these situations. If an animal is wounded, the ESA team of excellent native trackers will put forth extreme effort to find your trophy both during and after your safari. If the trophy is found expired after a hunter has finished their hunt, the trophy is the property of the hunter who wounded and paid for the animal.


If you and your family have experienced exceptional service and wish to tip any members of the staff, it would be greatly appreciated. We would like to emphasize tipping is not a requirement. If you are unsure of what is appropriate, please ask your professional hunter or booking agent for advice on this issue.


The daily rate includes: services of a professional hunter, trackers, skinners, camp personnel, a 4x4 hunting vehicle, accommodation, meals, beverages, daily laundry service, field preparation of trophies and transportation of trophies to a local taxidermist.


The daily rate excludes: trophy fees for game taken or wounded, taxidermy fees, dipping, packing and shipping of trophies to final destination, hotel charges before and after contracted safari, transfers to and from Johannesburg Airport and hunting area.


At the conclusion of your safari, you will be presented with a detailed invoice that will list daily rate, trophy fees and any other charges for your safari. Your deposit will be deducted and payment requested at that time. The preferred method of payment is cash, wire transfer or personal check. In the case of a personal check 50% of your ‘projected safari cost’ must be wired at least 2 weeks before arrival and the balance can be paid by check with prior arrangement. The easiest method is to contact your bank before you leave and inform them of your trip and that a payment will need to be made in Africa, supply them with ESA Safaris banking detail and at the conclusion of your safari you contact them with the amount to be transferred and it gets paid immediately.

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